Playwright issue with VSCode in Ubuntu

Well, I was just learning Playwright days ago and I've got an issue with Webkit. I think I could share this with you as you might encounter the same issue with Playwright.

I'm impressed with Playwright; the tests are fast enough and available in three of the most used browsers (Chromium, Firefox, and WebKit). I tried to run it on macOS at the first time and everything seemed just fine. All of the tests ran well in those browsers.

But, when I tried to run it on Ubuntu, The test against Webkit not working at all. At first, I thought that there was something wrong with Ubuntu itself. But after a little digging deeper into the issue, I realized that the issue was with VSCode, which I had installed from snap.

Playwright report

To get more detailed why Webkit is not running in this test, I tried to run it using headed arguments. Then we found the problem here. The error says it has problem with ...snap/core22.... After searching more, I found a thread about the error in stackoverflow. I placed the link below.

Webkit test was failed.

So, I removed VSCode from snap and reinstalled it from a .deb package. Now it's running well.